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glo-job-deactivated20140730 asked:
Where can I find the Livefit Trainer meal plan? I've searched all over and can't seem to come across it!

Click on the schedule here.  As you click “Go!” for each day, you’ll see the workouts… scroll down for the suggested meals :)

krstndwnn asked:
Hi! :D I was wondering if you were planning on taking down the LiveFIT schedule any time soon? I would love to start it but was scared you were gonna take it down and I wouldn't have anything to go by when you did. Please let me know because I would love to try this new work out out :)

Nope, you’re good to go! :)

imabouttodriveintheocean-deacti asked:
Hi MC! i have to say that you have really inspired me and my sis over here in Australia! we go to the gym together and have been thinking about taking protein shakes... Just wondering what does a protein shake do? does it help lose weight and gain muscle? Thanks xx

YAY!!!!! So happy to hear :) <3

Think of protein as muscle food… it helps optimize your workouts.  There’s lots of other nutritious pre/post workout eats you can look into… OH! When you have time, click on my site and check out The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition :)! This will give you options on what’s best to fuel the body pre and post training sessions <3

Hope I helped!



Starting 1 week from today is 61 Days of Summer {Photo A Day Challenge}

Part 1 June

All you need is
Instagram necessary {moi @mcbarao}
That. Tag photos #SUMMER61





:) <3 :-*

I truly hope you feel just as proud of yourself as I am of you.  84 days of fitness and clean eats is a great accomplishment and hope you continue your journey to live fit :)

Special shout out to YOURSTRULY49!!!You’re the CALL OUT WINNER :) When you get a moment, msg me your address so I can send you your prize “S2H Replay” band:

✌ ♡ ☺


12 week progress :) Before shots on the left, after shots on the right. So happy to see definite muscle gains on my back, shoulders, traps, and arms~ 

regret-not-the-past asked:
Hi!! is it really necessary to drink protein powder ??

Not at all. As long as you replenish your body with whole foods post workout you’re good to go :)

I feel bad

I’ve been keeping up but I don’t get the call outs cause I rarely get on tumblr cause of school. :P Maybe the next challenge :).


FINAL LiveFIT Call Out: Progress Shot “♕♕♕♕♕”

Since we’re less than a week from completing the LiveFIT Training, it’s time to post the CALL OUT prize.  I’ve been researching for fitness gadgets and found that S2H or Switch2Health has a wrist band that keeps track of healthy activities (through arm movements).  With each 60 minutes of activity logged, a rewards code pops up on the band to which you can redeem all sorts of goodies! From to Wii you can check out all the rewards and info here

Submit your after pix (with the same clothes you wore on your starting progress shot)  on or before next Friday, May 11th 

In the event that there’s a tie for the top position on the Roster, the LiveFIT fam with the most feedback (notes and positive reblogs) on their final Progress Shot will win the S2H REPLAY Band!

Whenever you’re ready, submit your before & after photos here

I just want to let you all know how proud I am of all of ya’ll for completing this journey with me and I know you’ll keep going.  It’s LIVEFIT for LIFE! So share to inspire and be fit & healthy to live the best life possible <3


sweatxsacrificexsuccess asked:
I just bought 100% Whey Gold Std from Optimum Nutrition. Does anyone else take it and what does it do for you personally? I was tossing up btw getting Protein powder and Whey. Its my first time taking supplements. Did i make the right choice?

I drink that too! :) Whey is absorbed quickly by the body so it’s a great post workout replenishment. What flavor did you get?

Day 80

Few more days!!!


dedicated to my LiveFIT Fam

LiveFIT Fam, we’re almost complete with the trainingI’m beyond excited to see your progress(hint for last CALL OUT). Also, I just received shipment notification that the giveaway is on its way :D So I’ll be posting the giveaway for the CALL OUTS as soon as I receive it :) Keep it up ya’ll!!!! We’re in the HOME STRETCH <3


Does anyone know how to speed the healing of knees?




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